Embrace Your Demons

We live terrified by the pleasure of freedom. Drunk on the idea of happiness. Wearing a mask of exotic colors. Hiding our spirits. Walking slowly, step by memoir. Denying our feelings. Relying in nobody, nor ourselves. Nevertheless everybody yell to you: Run away from your demons!

Then, you start running. Running a lifetime till the end of your days. Till the day you find yourself, reproaching laws you imposed to yourself- ‘pour le plaisir de la Société’. Regret no more about what you could’ve done. Do it. Is not bad if it fulfills your heart. Fuck chains and mind inhibitions. Start living your life. That’s what you need. That’s what your soul’d been asking. Do not follow my steps, but follow your heart. And if your heart runs to your demons, stay with your demons. Do not be afraid to share your kinky dreams, your mad believes. Demons had walked beside you since you started the race. So run again, but take them closer. Learn to know them. Why they yell? What they want? What can they left to us?

Accept yourself. Do not suppress any feeling, any ideal. Do not be scared about your symptoms. You aren’t sick- You are amazing. Each one of your actions has a deep ultimate intention. Each one of your thoughts. Neither let your demons rule you, but they won’t, unless you make them captive of your fears. Be free.


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